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wow - There's the Hook [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Peter Pan Grownup

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wow [Sep. 9th, 2005|08:20 pm]
Peter Pan Grownup


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[music |day-o]

I gotta say Hook has definately got to be one of the best movies out there, which is shocking because most sequels, let alone a sequel to sucha legend as Peter Pan are rarely ever good. Robbin Williams is one of the best actors around today, he is so talented more so than a lot of other new actors around today. I love the soundtrack to Hook. The whole message behind it about no matter how old you are you never have to stop being a kid and having fun and adventures, and how to many popele forget what it is to be a child, I never ever wanna grow up, hakuna matata is the only way to live

[User Picture]From: lonelywalker
2005-09-11 08:01 am (UTC)
Probably for a lot of people life as an adult is crap because they expect to be able to carry on living as they did as a child - few responsibilities, other people will take care of them, etc, etc.

Personally I wouldn't like to be a child all the time because it does mean a lifetime of other people (parents, mostly) telling you what to do. Peter and the Lost Boys in Neverland did not have this kind of adult supervision, so that's a more ideal childhood - apart from the fact that pirates continually try to kill you!

Hook shows that Peter (and everyone) can be an adult while still having fun with his kids, rather than being the joyless person he was at the start of the movie.
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[User Picture]From: kuzkuz101
2005-09-11 11:35 am (UTC)
That's why I like Hook it lets you believe that you can live the life of a child as an adult, obviously you do get more responibilities but it's just a matter of knowing how to manage them and make the best of them plus the soundtrack in it rocks
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